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Sermons - Hard Corps Series

The Hard Corps (a.k.a David’s Mighty Men) were a platoon of elite soldiers who served King David with both devotion and distinction. Their stories are hidden away in some of the more obscure pages of the Old Testament, yet these guys were the real deal. Such were their heroics they were rightly lauded as legends in their own lifetime, and even today they still have plenty to teach us about what it means to be true warriors of God. These Mighty Men lived, loved and fought with such intensity that I defy any believer to not be inspired by them.

Therefore, this 7 part teaching series is all about spending time in the trenches with these incredible soldiers. To study them, learn from them and better understand exactly what makes them tick. We’ll be meeting individual soldiers, going on mission with a special ops unit and honouring the remarkable legacy that these great men left behind.

It is my prayer that by the end of this series you will have been challenged, inspired, encouraged and equipped to hold nothing back as you let loose and fight the good fight of faith for King Jesus.

Pastor Dai

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